About Our Church

Learn about the history of our church.

A Brief History of the Church of South India

Church of South India (CSI) is based in South India which has 16 dioceses, each under the spiritual supervision of a bishop. CSI has its own service book and communion service, elements of which are drawn from the different denominations that made up the church. It is in limited communion with Anglican Church of United States and CCI communion of Churches of India. CSI has 3.8 million members, 14000 congregations, 2000 schools, 130 colleges and 104 hospitals all over southern part of India. Here in the United States we have 35 congregations.

The Birth of the St. John's C.S.I Congregation

St. John's CSI Congregation of South Florida has formally started in September 2002. Under the directives of The Rt. Rev. Thomas Samuel (Bishop, CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese, Kerala, India), Rev. Oommen George celebrated the first communion service at Dr. John Pushpamangalam Thomas's residence on 22nd September 2002. We have 15 families and 30 members within the congregation. Rev. Johnny Joseph, our vicar, celebrates Holy Communion for us twice a month. Currently we are worshiping at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church in Coral Springs, Florida.